Bionic Skin - Disartificialising architecture

Braun, Dirk Henning; Inhofer, Sebastian (Corresponding author)

Aachen (2014, 2016)
Abstract (Extended abstract)


It has always been a basic principle of biomimicry to not just copy natural ideals. But instead of transferring all the possible advantages of natural solutions into our restricted human technologies as biomimicry is doing today, we should try to reconnect our productions and therefore ourselves further back with our natural origin. Resulting from this approach it has to be proven if the exploitation of living material and the use of genetically engineered life-forms in an architectural context is able to minimize the mismatch between human exploitation of unlasting ressources of our planet and the adherence oft the cycle of nature. The following paper investigates the potentials of living materials and structures for an architectural purpose.


  • Chair of Building Technology [211710]