Finished Projects

Makehome © Copyright: Aryan Mirfendereski

SEGMO Makehome

In the research contract SEGMO a segmented modular building system is to be developed. Through preliminary work in the chair, a concept was developed for a construction system that could be easily integrated of timber frame construction elements can generate flexible space solutions.

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DATEF Textile Skin

In the course of the DATEF research project, the possibilities of an adaptive use based on bionically inspired models were to be examined.
Among other things, the adaptive application possibilities of textile systems should be analyzed as an example: Multifunctional shading, adaptation to irregular surfaces, Adaptation to different conditions relevant to building physics.

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Bionic Skins

The present work focuses on the study of 25 natural phenomena that have occurred over the last 500 million years at the interfaces between controlled indoor areas and uncontrolled outdoor areas have evolved into solutions to problems that even modern anthropogenic building envelopes have to face.

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BEEM Energy Managment

The aim of the project is to develop a bi-directional real-time energy management system suitable for the mass market, called BEEM, which combines integration and program knowledge, can be installed and commissioned. In a real laboratory inhabited by a family of 6, the system components are implemented and tested in a long-term experiment.

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Within the framework of this research project, methods and tools for the interdisciplinary and integral consideration of real estate are to be developed and a corresponding holistic energy concept, which involves all departments at the university necessary for the formation of an interdisciplinary working group consisting of institutes and administration.

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ENSAB Reconstruction

The aim of this work is the development of a building renovation software that can be controlled by everyone. This should give the owner/user a tool that he can use to the energetic and design potential of a building renovation. From the acquisition of the building by Iphone, Handheld, over the indication of possible The software generates and visualizes the remediation measures in real time in addition to their construction costs.

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