GBT 1a

Basics of building physics and building technology as compulsory subject in the 3rd semester, Bachelor. Thermal insulation, sound insulation, moisture protection, fire protection and energy systems are on the agenda.

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GBT 1b

After the basics of building physics were dealt with in the 3rd semester, the 4th semester is dedicated to the technical subsystems of the building: Heating, cooling, ventilation, drinking water and waste water.

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In the 5th semester, what is learned in the 3rd and 4th semesters is to be implemented in a small project. An energy/technology concept must be created for your own design.

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NZEB – Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

The participants of the seminar will be introduced to the Nearly Zero Energy Buildings in lectures. Subsequently, built projects will be upgraded to their status as NZEB in group work. was examined. At the end of the seminar, the results will be presented to the other seminar participants in the form of a short presentation. Further output powers: Short Booklet, rough Presentation of the cubature, facade section, building profile.

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STEG_Vision Campus

The course is offered by Dr.-Ing. Daniele Santucci (from 01.04.22 deputy head of department GBT).

Urban space is the sphere in which people can feel climatic effects. The urban morphology influences the microclimatic conditions of the public space and thereby the health and well-being of people. The permanent exchange of energy between people and space becomes perceiveable in the urban space.

The project focuses on the human scale as design driving parameter to ensure quality of public spaces in terms of comfort, health and mobility to generate a prefiguration of future public outdoor spaces.

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Strömungssimulationen (Compuational Fluid Dynamics, CFD) können in der frühen Planungsphase helfen, den Luftstrom und die Wärmeverteilung in Innenräumen sowie im städtebaulichen Kontext zu verstehen. 
Praktische Einführung in die Thematik und entsprechende Softwareapplikationen.

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WS2020, Projekt M1
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Ärztehaus in einer kleinen Ortschaft in NRW. Vorgesehen als Gemeinschaftspraxis mit dem Potential einer späteren Erweiterung.

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WS2020, Seminar GBT2
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Im Rahmen des Seminars GBT2 werden die Studierenden an die energetische Betrachtung von Gebäuden mittels einer BIM-Software herangeführt. Es soll so ein zügig erarbeitetes Mini-Projekt entstehen, bei dem neben reinen Gestaltungsfragen, auch eine Berücksichtigung numerischer Parameter im Fokus liegt.

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