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In this M2 project, we deal with the current problem of housing densification under the condition of climate neutrality: how do we manage to transform the existing building stock in such a way that it becomes climate-neutral and at the same time provides more usable space?

You answer this question using the example of a former office building in Munich Neuperlach from 1978.

The aim of the task is to increase the usable area (mixed use) by 40% and at the same time to reduce CO2 emissions to zero. Accordingly, the façade in particular is the focus of the design. Most of the stock is to be preserved.

Selective design approaches are particularly in demand. Ideally, components would be dismantled, improved ("upgrade") and reinserted into the existing building in their new form.

We are looking for creative and future-oriented ideas to rethink renovation under a multidimensional perspective.

This design is offered as M2 to provide the necessary timeframe for detailed design work.

In cooperation with Hines Germany


14.2. 9:00 a.m. Chair GBT