M1 – Metasphere: Embodiment in urban space

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Course description

The course is offered by Dr.-Ing. Daniele Santucci (from 01.04.22 deputy head of department GBT).

Für Interessierte: Am Dienstag, den 05.04.2022, um 14:00, wird der Entwurf im Lehrstuhl vorgestellt.

Urban space is the sphere in which people experience the effects of climate. Urban morphology influences microclimatic conditions in public space and consequently people’s health and well-being. The permanent exchange of energy between people and space becomes evident in urban space.

This project aims at developing architectural concepts that address climate change and health in public space. We will examine the nexus between urban density and microclimate outlining the impact of urban morphology on environmental quality. Detecting specific locations in Aachen, we will envision scenarios that materialise and spatialise revised conditions and relationships. Integrating methods of building science with modelling techniques and the analysis of environmental factors such as sound, light, air quality, temperature, humidity and wind, we will address the questions of adapting to new climatic regimes and the full fruition of public space. Collecting data and employing data-based simulation tools, we will create architectural concepts that enable new uses and shape new spatialities. We expect eagerness to work with appropriate simulation tools.

The project puts the human scale as the inseparable dimension of design to improve the quality of public space in terms of comfort, health and mobility, and for generating a prefiguration of future public space.



The excursion is going to take place during the "Weiße Woche".

It is supplementary to the topics of the M1-Project. We are planning to visit a count of climate- resp. energy-experts in the netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft).

More details are still being planned!



  • T01: 05.04. Introduction workshop & city-walk (full day)
  • T02: 12.04. Research
  • T03: 19.04. Interim colloquium 1 & start phase 2
  • T04: 26.04. Analysis
  • T05: 03.05. Analysis
  • T06: 10.05. Interim colloquium 2
  • T07: 17.05. Strategy
  • T08: 24.05. Strategy
  • T09: 31.05. Strategy
  • T10: 07.06. Excursion & interim colloquium 3
  • T11: 14.06. Design
  • T12: 21.06. Design
  • T13: 28.06. Design
  • T14: 05.06. Interim colloquium 4
  • T15: 12.06. Finalisation
  • T16: 19.06. End colloquium