IGP2 – Integral Planning

  Example IGP2 student work Copyright: Chair GBT



Tobias Schell

Akademischer Rat


+49 241 80 90351



The seminar is part of a series of lectures on the interaction between BIM modelling, energetic design and cost-led execution of construction projects. At the beginning the BIM course should take place at CAAD can be used. There they learn how to use the parametric building software Autodesk Revit. In the second step, a small building will be designed at the beginning of the GBT chair. This is then optimized and reflected by means of energetic evaluation software Autodesk Revit and Enercalc. Finally, the data from the optimized building is transferred in the direction of the cost consideration. This part is taken over by the Department of Construction Planning and Realisation.

The task of the seminar IGP2 – Energetic Design Development is the development of a design approach and its iterative energetic optimization with the aim to ideally achieve an annual net zero primary energy balance. Within the framework of the seminar, the participants will be taught methods and software programs for valuation and balancing. The software must The software cannot be purchased, but is freely available as a study license.

Good basic knowledge of Autodesk Revit is a prerequisite for participation.