FF_Sensing the Reiff II

  Sensor Wall Mounted © Kevin Wehnert  

The Reiff becomes a Living Lab - one-semester research field

The Reiff is analysed by use of microcontroller-controlled recording of indoor climate parameters in order to measure the indoor climate in different rooms and to show possible courses of action.

The winter semester 2022 was used to impart theoretical and practical knowledge in programming and circuit design. The aim was to implement a measurement network in the Reiff Museum, for which measurement and survey concepts were developed during the course.

This phase has mostely been completed.

In the summer semester 2023, the measurement network will be set up and the collected data will be evaluated and interpreted. Through targeted modifications of the internal uses, an optimization of energy flows and indoor climate is to be made.


•             Clear visualization of measurement data

•             Generation of interfaces (BIM, BEM)

•             Development of usage scenarios in the Reiffmuseum