NZEB – Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

  Facade Detail Copyright: Chair GBT



Dieter Thiel



+49 241 80 94077



The seminar NZEB deals with the topic "Nearly Zero Energy Buildings".
This is an energetic building standard that is to be applied throughout Europe to buildings to be constructed in the future. The energy requirements of these Building's close to zero.

Lecturer doctor engineer Dieter Thiel has been working on this topic for many years as a consultant for investors and technical service providers.

The participants of the seminar will be introduced to the topic in lectures. Subsequently, built projects are examined for their status as NZEB in group work. The results will be at the end of the seminar presented to the other seminar participants in the form of a short presentation. Further output powers: Short booklet, rough representation of the cubature, facade section, Building profile.