GBT1b – 4th Semester



Tobias Schell

Akademischer Rat


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After the basics of building physics were dealt with in the 3rd semester, the 4th semester is dedicated to the technical subsystems of the building: Heating, cooling, ventilation, drinking water and waste water. In a Exercise, the contents are processed on the basis of project B2, which takes place at the same time, and transferred into project planning.

The contents are listed under reservation. Changes are possible at any time. The lecture series are subject to constant editing.

course number subject description
14 Basics HLSE Installation planning, Inst. guidance, Recess drawings, Identification piping, House connection, Divisions, HA room
15 Drainage Drainage: house connection, water treatment, pipes, materials, arrangements, measurements, protective measures; rainwater drainage: terms, symbols, designations, species and systems, precipitation property, drainage, roofs, drainage systems, grey water use
16 Sanitary DIN18022, Objects, Bathrooms, WC facilities, Barrier-free construction, Installation, Hot water supply
17 Electric Basics, symbols, designations, networks, components, protective measures
18 Light light and man, lamps, light management, daylight, light simulation
19 Automation building automation: missing --> EA; elevator technology: regulations, planning DIN, dimensions, controls, drive types, elevator planning, escalators
20 Basics Ventilation Introduction, Comfort, Meteorology, hx diagram, Standards
21 Climate Technology I Basic concepts of aeration and ventilation
22 Climate Technology II Heat exchangers, heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification, air-conditioning technology
23 Heating I Basics, requirements, basic thermal terms, tech. Rules, symbols Types and classification, heating systems, individual heatings, air heating, WP, solar systems
24 Heating II Components, heat generators, flue gas systems, space heating equipment, power generation in thermal power plants, basics of cogeneration, technology and equipment, fields of application
25 Heating Load Meaning, calculation according to DIN 12831, standard heating load calculation, rough calculation