BEEM Energy Managment

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The aim of the project is to develop a bi-directional real-time energy management system suitable for the mass market called BEEM system for short, which combines integration and program knowledge, can be installed and commissioned. The system should not only be easy to plan and operate, but also inexpensive so that it pays for itself in a short time. For this purpose, a automated planning and integration process, which determines the individual capabilities of the overall system on the basis of the connected system components and the corresponding provides functions. In a real laboratory inhabited by a family of 6, the system components are implemented and evaluated in a long-term test.



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The present

Although many innovative concepts already exist in building services engineering, more than 95% of newly constructed residential buildings are still being constructed, e.g. with a conventional electrical installation. equipped. This means that, for example, the heating, shading system, alarm system and electrical installation are all isolated systems - island solutions whose System boundaries can only be overcome with great effort using conventional technology.

Too expensive and complicated

Although a bus system can overcome these system limits by allowing all components to communicate with each other, such solutions must be planned, installed and programmed with great effort. will be: Planning of the desired functions, selection of the required components from different manufacturers, installation of the infrastructure and finally integration/programming. of each individual component. In addition, uniform interfaces/protocols between the various products are often lacking, so that additional so-called gateways must be used here, which can be used to to translate different "dialects". These problems make the implementation of such bus solutions extremely complex and expensive, so that many building owners are not able to benefit from the use of such innovative bus solutions. solutions.

The aim

The BEEM system starts exactly at this point and replaces this effort with an upstream, fully automated integration process, making the intelligent and energy-efficiency increasing Home automation suitable for the mass market. On the one hand, the integration process incorporates the higher-level building technology like heating, ventilation, PV system, energy storage or something else, on the other hand, the integration of the building services like heating, ventilation, PV system, energy storage and so on, on the other hand, the use-dependent, room-based sensor and actuator technology.

Artificial intelligence

A new MultiSensor to be developed, installed in every room, recognizes all the necessary conditions for this: If If someone is in the room, what is the temperature in the room, is there sufficient light in the room and how high is the humidity? With this information, on the one hand the visualization, which shows the user the energy flows and can give him assistance for decisions; on the other hand, the complete control of the connected actuators.

The security and the unassailability from the outside is guaranteed by a 128-bit encryption, this encryption corresponds to the security standard of banks and makes possible a safe operation of the building control system.