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The aim

The aim of the project, which is part of the Eneff:Stadt funding priority, is to support the integral planning of energy-efficient refurbishment measures for existing buildings of the RWTH Aachen University. with the adaptation of existing buildings and supply systems to future requirements. For this purpose, the development of simulation methods will lead to a sustainable integrated energy and monitoring concept, taking into account the supply of the properties with electricity, heat and cooling, was developed on the basis of networked generation units, which includes all the relevant energy flows of the building infrastructure and should lead to a significant reduction of the primary energy demand.

From the analysis to the result

In this project, the properties of the RWTH Aachen are modeled in a geoinformation system. The buildings have characteristic parameters, which serve to simplify simplified building models. for an energetic simulation. These heuristically modelled parameters are verified by means of inspections and comparative detailed calculations. In close cooperation with the Chair of Building and Room Air Conditioning Technology, the building models, including heating and cooling supply networks, will be converted into an energy system model in the Modelling language Modelica. Renovation scenarios for the improvement of the energetic quality of the shell and plant technology as well as conversion scenarios are dynamically simulated and is analyzed. The results are economically, ecologically or primarily energetically optimized concepts that show a way to cost-effectively renovate the campus or to improve the energy supply. can be made more efficient. The generic analysis concept is transferable to other urban districts.

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