DATEF Textile Skin

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Dirk Henning Braun



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In the research contract ATS the usability of textile facade systems was investigated. DATEF builds on this. Textile facade systems currently represent a functional niche in terms of construction technology. Up Due to their low resistance to mechanical influences, textile facades are generally used for special purposes only in the construction industry. Applications in larger buildings are mainly found in public halls (e.g. football stadiums). The systems used are generally based on individual, very special requirements (e.g. weight saving, elasticity, cost efficiency),
Design / Marketing).


In the course of the DATEF research project, the possibilities of an adaptive use based on bionically inspired models were to be examined. Exemplary should be the adaptive application possibilities
of textile systems can be analyzed: Multi-functional shading, adaptation to irregular substrates, adaptation to various conditions relevant to building physics.


As a continuation of the above-mentioned research project, the idea now exists to erect a test stand on which the application possibilities of such facade technologies can be tested on a scale of 1:1. can become. This trainer is to take place in a comfortable environment. This means that an inhabited house and its inhabitants should be confronted with the prototype.