ENSAB Reconstruction

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Dirk Henning Braun



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Currently, renovation measures of existing buildings are only partially supported on the software side. The existing software solutions differ from each other in browser-based Modular systems with little individualization or expensive commercial software solutions for CAD systems in planning offices. The
The performance of both software offers is mostly limited to building physics analysis or plant optimization tools.
The commercial programs require technical basic knowledge in the operation among other things the entire building must be reconstructed for the building analysis. Usually the operation is very complex, the
software is designed as stand-alone and data exchange is only possible to a limited extent. The normal owner/user of a building is completely overwhelmed by this.

The present

Although the web-based software solutions are more accessible for the general user, they offer only one
limited offer of realistic remediation strategies. All systems that are currently available lack a simple and understandable entry of building data, analysis of the the entire energetically relevant building system, the diagnosis of the weak points, the identification of possible solutions, the design control of the renovation solution, the Cost/amortization period of the optimal remediation solution as well as the possibility of long-term monitoring.

The future

The aim of this work is the development of a building renovation software that can be controlled by everyone. This should give the owner/user a tool that he can use to the energetic and design potential of a building renovation. From the acquisition of the building by Iphone, Handheld, over the indication of possible the software generates and visualizes the remediation measures in real time in addition to their construction costs.