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Dirk Henning Braun



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In the research contract SEGMO a segmented modular building system was to be developed. Through preliminary work in the chair, a concept was developed for a building system that could be easily The joining of timber frame construction elements can generate flexible space solutions.

Now a prototype should be developed and built, which fulfills the following functions:

  1. Floor plan variability - It should be possible to cover different usage scenarios with one building type. Beginning with a simple residential use ,temporary accommodation, over holiday homes to a studio solution.
  2. Manufacturing - The system to be designed should be capable of being built and installed by normal craft businesses. A stronger specialisation of the individual trades should can be avoided. For this purpose, the construction methods and execution details usually used in the trade must be revised and reinterpreted. The degree of prefabrication should be maximized.
  3. Modular construction - According to the pre-development of the chair, the building should be able to be erected "by the slices", module by module. The aim is to achieve a freely selectable configuration is possible. The modules should be capable of supporting themselves. The elments are to be moved and set up with conventional tools for exampel with forklift truck or low loader.
  4. A 2-storey construction method is aimed at.
  5. Shelf life - The modules should be moveable with a forklift truck and storable. A dismantlability into smallest single parts for eampel ceilings, walls or fixtures is not possible welcome.
  6. Facades - The facade should also be variably designed and include possibilities for an individualised appearance. It is important that an interchangeability of opaque, translucent and transparent components.
  7. Building services - The building must comply with the German regulations for energy-saving construction called ENEV. The generation of the heat output should be kept open to the user. so that the possibilities are preserved, from simple heating with electricity to passive house technologies. The technical expansion is to follow modular logic.
  8. Within the framework of the research work, the technology is to be further developed into a self-sufficient solution. Purification of waste water, disposal of residual materials from sanitary facilities, Power supply and ventilation should be able to be established without a connection to urban supply systems.