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Climate emergency, energy transition and the use of resources affect all aspects of ecological, economic, political and social action and are therefore the most important issues of our time, raising fundamental questions in the design disciplines.

Since April 2022, Daniele Santucci is deputy head of the Chair of Building Technology. Since 2012, Dirk Henning Braun has held the chair, which was created as a merger of the chairs “Technical Development and Design" (Sieber) and "Building Construction 3" (Nikolic).

In research and teaching, topics are always considered in a holistic approach, in their relationality to neighboring disciplines, technological developments and social processes. In the design process, the role of technology in buildings is considered across scales and its purpose is related to the architectural concept and to people's needs.

Evidence-based approaches, supported by measurements and simulations, are used to develop concepts to achieve climate neutrality in the built environment. In this way, the goals of decarbonisation, in the sense of the European Green Deal, can be embedded, and played out in the architecture curriculum.

Together with future architects, teaching formats are created that promote critical thinking to develop future-relevant questions and solutions.