Ideenwettbewerb neuroAIx


Hiermit möchten wir auf ein Angebot der Lehrstuhls Bauplan hinweisen:

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Neuroscience, machine learning and neuromorphic computing are going to extend their structure of learning and working. Digitization, new software, artificial intelligence, but also the challenges in climate and by the pandemic demand new spaces and a changed way of working together. Agile governance, changeable, growing or shrinking networks require a new interpretation of space. This results in flatter hierarchies and smaller teams, more transparent organization and unbureaucratic autonomy of the disciplines in addition to global translation.  In this structure, a network of several institutes should be implied in the masterplan of the Campus West as a part of RWTH Aachen University.

An idea for the areas of neuroscience, machine learning and neomorphic computing should be found. It will enable future-oriented learning, work and exchange. It is a hypothetical construct. The “development plan” is the basis, may be modified and adapted. 1-4 plots of land can be chosen for the implementation of the idea. First of all a vision for the cluster as a networked institution on the Campus West should be developed.

An statement concerning the urban planning on the network of the disciplines mentioned is required, as well as a visualization of future teaching, research and working environments at the Institutes of Neuroscience, Machine Learning and Neomorphic Computing at RWTH Aachen University. Learning, researching and working are the focal points of the users needs and interests. Housing offers can also be included.